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So we practiced for a few days. Tis sounding good. Brainplug is now pretty much down, X is down, Hypersonic is kindasorta down, ditto Riot Boy. Maybe two more songs and we can gig, rah (which will I imagine be our cover of Sonic Reducer and Sakura Star [aka Porphyria Boy])

When not playing, we.. well, take a look yourself.

Your favourite band in the world ever ever ever. That us three are in.

Hazz and Charly in a field. Yup.

Hazz, post- a few after-dinner ports (read: blasted)

Vanessa waving a cheery hello.

Charly, pretending he actually knows what to do with it.

..don't ask.

Vanessa. Yup, that's Vanessa.

And another one of her, because you know you want it.

Hazz, plus 'West Ham' shirt. *ducks*

Not real, sadly. Represent \m/

Our spare, in case Hazz breaks.

Yup, he's wrecked it already.

The Lord Of Darkness.

Compulsory arty shot.

Vanessa plus moustache and swastika and Charly's impending death for posting this not pictured.
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