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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

Posted by:charlycrash.
Time:12:01 pm.
Hey kiddies.

For those who don't know yet, there's some new (much better) songs on our Myspace profile

Now all we gotta do is tell people about them. We need a street team, or something :P
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Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Posted by:charlycrash.
Time:6:33 pm.
For anyone who hasn't heard over the grapevine yet, Vanessa is no longer our bassist. Fortunately it's all very amicable and we're all still friends and such. My hope is that she can manage us in future, as frankly it'd be a little weird not having her involved.

What that means in practice though is a couple of things. Namely -

1) us gigging has been knocked back a few months, as we're going to have to practice with someone new obviously.

2) we're looking for a new bassist. If any of you think you fit the bill or know anyone who might, then please let us know. There's some vague semblance of a webpage up now (http://www.miniluv.co.uk) with a couple of (of course unfinished) songs up, so you can send people to that if they're interested I guess.

Hope you're all well and such.

(x-posted to my LJ)
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Saturday, March 18th, 2006

Posted by:charlycrash.
Time:12:11 am.
Just a heads up for the most probably, uh, none of you that ever visit our Myspace profile:

My sister has decided she's going to run it from now on because we all hate Myspace and generally can't be arsed anyway. She's 14 and has just discovered emo, so.. yeah. :P The black and pink stripes and red nuptial fonts will be all her, not us.

- Charly, who loves her really.

edit might as well plug a couple of other worthyoids on Myspace whilst i'm here.

http://www.myspace.com/reculver Reculver, a band named after a settlement ('village' seems a rather generous word) on the wrong side of Herne Bay formed of several caravans with murderers living in them and a pub. They're pretty much the polar opposite of us in most ways: very much A Rock Band and very much 'professionals', as opposed to our shambolic and mostly (but not quite entirely) wilful utter lack of professionalism. But they're very nice people, their music is very good if you like that sort of whisky n' fags n' long hair n' Les Paul-soaked idiom and the lead singer's granddad is Bruce Forsyth. So have a listen. Also i've been invited to be in their video next saturday but it sounds a bit scary.

http://www.myspace.com/zephoria Don't know any of them but I believe they're Dan mahonster Mahony's (aka Official Miniluv Fan #1) mates and they're really quite a pleasant listen. Somewhere between WYIN Placebo and the Pumpkins. Could be very very good (as opposed to just pretty cool) given a little development.

http://www.myspace.com/entershikari A bit retch-croon Glassjaw/Finch-riff predictable, but they're quite good and at least try and do something vaguely new with the formula, and I think my sister knows them, or something. I dunno. They play Folkestone a lot for some fucking reason despite the fact they're from miles away. Also the singer does a very good Ian Watkins impression, which I suppose is a good or bad thing depending on your point of view.

I realise that the above is rife with backhanded compliments; they weren't intentional :P They're all good bands.
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Saturday, March 11th, 2006

Posted by:scorchedflower.
Time:5:21 pm.
MSN conversation about the band name...Collapse )

That thought is going to sully my mind forever.
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Monday, January 23rd, 2006

Posted by:charlycrash.
Time:6:07 am.
A heads up:

As you can see _miniluv (as was) is now mini_luv via a free rename credit for any account/comm beignning with an underscore. Yes, I know it sucks. Blame LJ, not me :P

- C
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Wednesday, December 7th, 2005

Posted by:lockecole.
Time:10:03 pm.
Mood: confused.
I just had a dream with Miniluv in it! We were in an office, working on something.

... yeah.
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Saturday, November 12th, 2005

Subject:You bastidges, we got there first.. for once.
Posted by:charlycrash.
Time:8:20 pm.
Dull news time!

http://www.miniluv.co.uk should point to our website in the next couple of days (not working just yet)
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Sunday, July 31st, 2005

Posted by:charlycrash.
Time:2:57 pm.
The following news will be of interest to approximately nobody:

As I thought i'd set H&V as mods of this comm already but hadn't, i've rectified this. Feel free to accuse me of sexual offences on the comminfo kthxbi.
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Sunday, June 19th, 2005

Posted by:charlycrash.
Time:2:57 pm.
Mood: hot.
So we practiced for a few days. Tis sounding good. Brainplug is now pretty much down, X is down, Hypersonic is kindasorta down, ditto Riot Boy. Maybe two more songs and we can gig, rah (which will I imagine be our cover of Sonic Reducer and Sakura Star [aka Porphyria Boy])

When not playing, we.. well, take a look yourself.

photooooosCollapse )
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Monday, June 6th, 2005

Posted by:charlycrash.
Time:1:18 am.
Seeing as the website is unlikely to get finished any time soon (Charly's brain = only able to cope with one creative thing at once = new tunes currently) I thought it might be a good idea to post lyrics here. If you like 'em I shall keep posting.

BrainplugCollapse )
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Monday, May 30th, 2005

Posted by:charlycrash.
Time:11:10 pm.
1. http://www.miniluv.biz/mp3/h50%20remix.mp3 Charly + extreme boredom =

2. + Hip Bear - I will not change what I hate in you... 1 more day... says: (11:07:06 pm)

+ Hip Bear - I will not change what I hate in you... 1 more day... says: (11:07:09 pm)
   Can I explain this properly? Everything that was quoted above was written when I was on the phone, and it's a known fact that I can't do anything right if I'm talking to somebody on the phone, however, the majority of what is written on there is pretty much as it is. But I'll rewrite it so it makes sense.

+ Hip Bear - I will not change what I hate in you... 1 more day... says: (11:07:16 pm)
   Basically, from what Chris has told me, he was walking down a street in Croyde in Devon where he is at the moment on holiday. He was listening to his mp3 player which was currently playing miniluv. He was playing it loudly, as you do when a group of people walked past and started shouting. Chris took his earphones out to catch what was being said and caught somebody repeatedly say 'THAT'S 404'.

+ Hip Bear - I will not change what I hate in you... 1 more day... says: (11:07:24 pm)
   The end. If I wrote that wrong again, I really don't care anymore, that's how I heard it, and when Chris returns, I'll let him re-tell the story if what I've said is completely and utterly untrue, which I'm hoping it isnt.

+ Hip Bear - I will not change what I hate in you... 1 more day... says: (11:07:41 pm)
   you may retell the story, without making me sound like a fucking moron now that i'm off the phone and concentrating properly

So there you go :P
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Wednesday, May 25th, 2005

Posted by:scorchedflower.
Time:1:22 am.
For those of you that have My Space, you might be intrested to know Miniluv now have a profile there, the username's miniluvband. Scene points for us!
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Wednesday, May 18th, 2005

Subject:An update from Planet 'Luv..
Posted by:charlycrash.
Time:5:11 pm.
Please note all the following is me getting waaaaaay ahead of myself and is little better than speculation atm :P

We seem to be slowly entering a process towards actually playing some gigs in the near future; Vanessa is veryvery nearly free of the shackles of uni and El Hazzo is almost as permanently unemployed as I am, so yay. In a couple of weeks hopefully we'll be able to get our heads down for a few weeks of punk rock boot camp, from which we'll emerge utterly sick of all our material and possibly slightly the worse for wear sanity-wise, but far more able to gig.

Vanessa's mate and her associated band, both of whom I know absolutely nothing whatsoever, have suggested us playing a gig with them in London over the summer, quite possibly at The Keel in Kingston, and t'would be cool if you Londular people could show up. We promise to play our little hearts out for you, as long as you don't throw stuff at us.

Hopefully, though.. okay, Charly being overromantic/selfish here possibly, but i've always wanted our first proper gig to be in Canters. Just feels like something I have to do, paying my dues or something. And given that pretty much the only bloody place to play there now is the Beercart, i'd expect it'd be there. So also watch this space regarding that one.

We will also, I imagine, play almost anywhere we're guaranteed a crowd who also aren't going to throw stuff at us. So.. suggestions welcome.

Now all we need is a Luvmobile to move all our shit around, ha.
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Sunday, May 15th, 2005

Posted by:charlycrash.
Time:7:27 pm.
As you may or may not be aware, me and el Hazzo recorded a load of crap a while back (ms. Vanessa was otherwise indisposed). I thus upload to miniluv.biz for your listening pleasure.

A live version of X (previously known as hyperX), with a long, inexplicable silence at the beginning and a just as inexplicable cut-off ending.

Our version of the wrestler Bad Ass Billy Gunn's music ('Ass Man').. for if you like that sorta thing. Or you share our deeply silly sense of humour. As usual, it eventually descends into noisy chaos.

A rather meandering Mogwai-ish ambientish thing we recorded when very tired after ripping the shit out of our instruments for two days straight. It's quite pretty.

The legendary jam itself, or at least the edited highlights (read: compilation of all the best bits). Most of these song fragments will, I expect, show up as individual Miniluv songs eventually, especially the psycho-skaish bit at the beginning. Also, play Spot The Stupid Mini♥ Injokes :D Warning: 15mb file.

Happy downloadin', kiddies.
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Thursday, May 12th, 2005

Posted by:charlycrash.
Time:5:43 pm.
Ladels and Germans, the new stupidly long version of 'Hypersonic' (as usual, not finished in the slightest) has been posted on miniluv.biz. Seven and a half goddam minutes.. it's all going a bit Gilbert & Sullivan, but.. I suppose that's not necessarily a bad thing. It will be shortened. Maybe :P

Crossposted on my own journal just to piss you all the hell off.

edit uploaded a shortened (6:37), improved (added a load of crap, changed some stuff) version. same address. kthxbi.
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Sunday, May 1st, 2005

Subject:The place where there is no darkness.
Posted by:charlycrash.
Time:2:17 am.
As threatened, we have a website again. Woo! It's miniluv.biz, which sucks, but it was the best of a load of crap options (.biz or .us - even .info was taken on further inspection). Hopefully miniluv.co.uk will be in existence soon, though.
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Saturday, April 30th, 2005

Posted by:scorchedflower.
Time:1:28 am.
Well check us out, our own LJ community.
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Posted by:bronsonbeta.
Time:12:20 am.
hi fags
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Friday, April 29th, 2005

Posted by:charlycrash.
Time:7:03 pm.
Test for the layout, tralalalala.
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